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Dedication to our Loved Ones

This Page is in honor of and dedication to those who has lost a loved one to Fentanyl Poisoning.

We thank you for sharing your story and standing with us in this fight.

Different stories with one common heartbreaking theme.


Forever 22

As written by his sister Kailee

Hi, I am Kailee and wanted to share my brother's story. 

Damion was bright, funny and my Best Friend throughout whole my life. 

My mother was a single mother working to support her children, so Damion basically raised me.

Damion had struggled as a teenager (as most do) and was working so hard on getting his life on track. He got a new job and got his own place, and we were SO PROUD of him.

My brother lost his life on April 18, 2022, to fentanyl poisoning.

Our family continues to hurt so much without him, and we miss him every single day.


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