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Makayla Cherie Foundation, Inc.

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The Story and The Mission

At the age of only three, Makayla started being extremely active in sports such as cheerleading, gymnastics, soccer, and volleyball. She excelled in school as an Honor Roll Student had many friends, and was well respected by adults and her peers alike. She became a competitive Cheerleader and Gymnast and had a knack for her sport. Without a DOUBT.

Fast forward to the summer of 2021 when she began her first job as a Lifeguard at the local water park. It is here she met and befriended a group of people that would change the course of everyone's lives. She met a person who, it turns out was heavily involved in drugs and hanging out with the wrong crowd and the wrong people. Makayla was trusting, too trusting, and when her mom found out this person was involved with drugs, and that Makayla had tried them, she attempted to immediately have her placed into a program. Whether it be for Mental Health, Drug Abuse, or Drug Rehabilitation. There was NO LIMIT to what she was willing to do to gain control of this problem. The Law in Virginia didn't allow her to do so, Makayla had to go willingly. Of course, like any teenager, she did NOT want to go. Makayla was put into therapy and seemed to be doing better, going to work at a new job, going to school, and working on the family dynamic that had changed due to all of this. 

Fast forward just a few short two months later. Makayla was given some pills and trusting as she was, it was in fact not even laced. It was a PURE FENTANYL pill that she was given, ingested and on the morning of January 22, 2022, the first snowfall of the year, her mother went to wake her to find her dead in her bed. 

The mission of this foundation is in fact not only to share this tragedy with other families but to enact CHANGE within the laws of Virginia to NOT allow MINORS to have a CHOICE to receive mental health assistance, rehabilitation, and/or drug abuse therapy. To bring awareness to this increasingly TERRIFYING Fentanyl Poisoning that is destroying families and loved ones. To erase the STIGMA around it, and the words "overdoes" and "drug addict". 

Please join us in our FIGHT. 

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